Current & Past Presidents, MAFP Board of Directors

The MAFP President serves a one-year term that begins at his/her installation ceremony, held during the MAFP Annual Meeting of the membership; it expires when his/her successor is installed at the next MAFP Annual Meeting. At that time, the outgoing president becomes chair.

The MAFP President:

  • Serves as an officer of the board
  • Presides at and attends all meetings of the Executive Committee and the board; coordinates the agenda with the chief executive officer
  • Is a member of all MAFP committees in an ex officio status
  • Appoints all MAFP committees, with final approval of the full board, and helps establish the purpose and duties of these groups and monitors progress
  • Participates in an oritentation with all committee chairs and vice chairs
  • Has general supervision of the business of MAFP
  • Is responsible for ensuring all orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect
  • Exercises personal leadership in the motivation of other officers, board members, committee chairs and members, staff, and membership
  • Ifnluences the establishment of goals and objectives for MAFP during his/her term in office
  • Acts as a spokesperson and inspirational leader, and takes an important part in monitoring and evaluating the organizational performance and effectiveness
  • Communicates to the board, Executive Committee, and officers on the condition and operations of MAFP
  • Carries out policies of the board, working with the chief executive officer, to see that basic policies and programs are furthering the goals and objectives of MAFP
  • Annually reviews, with the chief executive officer, the organizational structure and policies of MAFP
  • Works in partnership with the chief executive officer
  • Supports and defends policies and programs adopted by the board
  • Promotes interest and active participation in MAFP on the part of the membership and reports activities of the board to members
  • Presents an annual end-of-term report at the MAFP Annual Meeting
  • Along with the chief executive officer, acts as spokesperson for MAFP to the press, the public, legislative bodies, and related organizations
  • In cooperation with those with financial responsibilities, helps develop, recommends, and ensures MAFP operates within an annual budget
  • Attends the MAFP Annual Meeting and the annuall Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo.
  • Represents MAFP at other AFP chapters' state meetings, or designates another officer, as needed
  • Attends approved AAFP meetings to keep fully apprised of national programs and policies and their impact on MAFP

President, 2021-2022 MAFP Board of Directors


On July 24, 2021, Dr. Srikar Reddy was installed as the 2021-2022 president of the MAFP Board of Directors.

Dr. Reddy is a family physician affiliated with Ascension Medical Group in South Lyon, where he specializes in preventive medicine, adolescent and behavioral medicine, sports injury care, and virtual care visits.

He also serves as the ministry market regional medical director of virtual care at Ascension. In this role he was responsible for the implementation of a virtual care platform in ambulatory and urgent care settings for Ascension Medical Group Southeast Michigan.

He also is a national Ascension virtual care lead and subject matter expert involved with establishing clinical care guidelines and maintaining quality control across all markets, as well as a physician lead for Ascension Michigan’s remote patient monitoring.

Dr. Reddy earned his medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine, an accredited university in the Dutch West Indies, and completed family medicine residency at Mount Carmel Graduate Medical Education in Ohio, where he served as the 2009-2010 chief resident. He achieved the Degree of Fellow from the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP) in 2014.

Prior to being elected president of MAFP, Dr. Reddy served as president-elect, vice president, speaker, and a director on the board.

As MAFP president, Dr. Reddy is working with the officers and directors on the board to help set the agenda for the upcoming year. In addition, he is one of the leading voices representing Michigan family physicians on local, state, and national issues.

Among his issues of focus during his presidential year are investing in expanding broadband internet access across the state and increasing access to/making permanent telemedicine visits.

From his experience as a telehealth expert, Dr. Reddy is committed to advocating for:

  • Removing obsolete restrictions on the location of the patient and the physician
  • Maintaining and enhancing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ authority to determine appropriate providers, services, and modalities for telemedicine
  • Ensuring clinicians at federally qualified health centers, critical access hospitals, and rural health clinics can provide telehealth services outside of the COVID-19 public health emergency
  • Removing restrictions on Medicare beneficiaries’ access to mental and behavioral health services offered through telemedicine

As MAFP President, Dr. Reddy also serves as an ex officio member of all MAFP committees and the Michigan Family Medicine Political Action Committee.

Dr. Reddy’s one-year term as president will conclude when President-elect Glenn Dregansky, DO, FAAFP takes office July 9, 2022.

Past Presidents of the MAFP Board of Directors

Since MAFP was chartered in 1948, it has been led by an outstanding roster of family physicians who have dedicated their time and talent to guide the organization and advance family medicine in Michigan. We thank these individuals for their service to the MAFP.

2020-2021     Mark Hamed, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAFP
2019-2020     Keerthy Krishnamani, MD, MBA
2018-2019     Mary Marshall, MD, RN, FAAFP
2017-2018     Loretta Leja, MD
2016-2017     Robert J. Jackson, MD, MMM, FAAFP
2015-2016     Kim K. Yu, MD, FAAFP
2014-2015     Tina L. Tanner, MD, FAAFP
2013-2014     Fred J. Van Alstine, MD, MBA
2012-2013     E. Chris Bush, MD, FAAFP
2011-2012     Peter Graham, MD
2010-2011     Jennifer R. Aloff, MD, FAAFP
2009-2010     David T. Walsworth, MD, FAAFP
2008-2009     Angelo N. Patsalis, MD, FAAFP**
2007-2008     Robert E. Reneker, Jr., MD, FAAFP
2006-2007     Lynn S. Gray, MD, MPH, FAAFP**
2005-2006     Peter Scuccimarri, MD
2004-2005     Douglas L. Colberg, MD, FAAFP**
2003-2004     Danny D. Greig, MD, FAAFP
2002-2003     James A. Applegate, MD, FAAFP
2001-2002     Douglas Jackson, MD**
2000-2001     Edward A. Jackson, MD, FAAFP
1999-2000     Karen B. Mitchell, MD, FAAFP
1998-1999     Larry Carr, DO
1997-1998     Mary Elizabeth Roth, MD, FACPE
1996-1997     Archie Bedell, MD, PhD**
1995-1996     William P. Gifford, MD
1994-1995     Timothy J. Tobolic, MD
1993-1994     Michael L. Szymanski, MD
1992-1993     Bruce R. Deschere, MD
1991-1992     John M. Battle, MD**
1990-1991     Louis E. Sanford, MD**
1989-1990     Larry S. Kelly, MD, FAAFP
1988-1989     James F. Shetlar, MD, FAAFP
1987-1988     Gary R. Gazella, MD, FAAFP
1986-1987     L. Edmond Eary, Jr., MD, FAAFP
1985-1986     B.J. Woodley, MD**
1984-1985     C. Edward Cotton, MD
1983-1984     William W. Allen, MD, FAAFP
1982-1983     Harold F. Kendrick, MD**
1981-1982     John W. MacKenzie, Jr., MD, FAAFP
1980-1981     Gary E. Ruoff, MD, FAAFP
1979-1980     Donald E. DeWitt, MD**
1978-1979     Gordon W. Willoughby, MD**
1977-1978     Charles R. Zimont, MD, FAAFP**
1976-1977     George A. Dean, MD, FAAFP
1975-1976     Robert W. Oakes, MD, FAAFP
1974-1975     Cecelia F. Hissong, MD, FAAFP
1973-1974     Louis R. Zako, MD
1972-1973     Robert L. Vitu, MD**
1971-1972     Joseph Fisher, MD**
1970-1971     James F. Dooley, MD**
1969-1970     Douglass A. Haddock, MD**
1968-1969     Lee E. Feldkamp, MD**
1967-1968     J. Leonides Leach, MD
1966-1967     Edgar Cochrane, MD**
1964-1966     Fred Brace, MD**
1963-1964     Lyle Korum, MD**
1962-1963     Leighton Shantz, MD**
1961-1962     Howard Robinson, MD**
1960-1961     C. Howard Ross, MD**
1959-1960     Howard C. Rees, MD**
1958-1959     Clark W. Rover, MD**
1957-1958     Francis P. Rhoades, MD**
1956-1957     John W. Rice, MD**
1955-1956     Russell F. Fenton, MD**
1954-1955     Kenneth Toothaker, MD**
1953-1954     Karl Swift, MD**
1952-1953     Frederick E. Luger, MD**
1951-1952     E. Clarkston Long, MD**
1950-1951     John R. Failing, MD**
1949-1950     Leslie T. Henderson, MD**
1948-1949     Milner S. Ballard, MD**
1948             Arch Walls, MD**