At-large Director, Family Medicine Political Action Committee

At-large directors of the Family Medicine Political Action Committee (FMPAC) Board of Directors are nominated by the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians Executive Committee and elected by the MAFP Board of Directors to serve a two-year term.

FMPAC At-large Directors:

  • Must be MAFP members in good standing
  • Must attend a ninimum of one meeting of the board annually
  • Must be willing to contribute to the FMPAC

At-large Director, 2021-2022 FMPAC Board of Directors


Dr. Christine Sheeler is a 2018 alum of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts, and completed family medicine residency in 2021 at Beaumont Health in Grosse Pointe where she was chief resident. She is an avid cyclist and registered yoga teacher, and enjoys reading, hiking, and stained glass artistry.

In addition to serving on the FMPAC Board of Directors, she is a volunteer member of the MAFP Advocacy Committee.