Family Medicine PAC FAQs

What is a PAC?

The federal government and all state legislatures passed laws in the mid-1970s to curb the influence on elections by a small number of wealthy individuals. The federal and state acts allow for the formation of committees to encourage people with the same interests to organize at the grassroots level to support candidates of their choice. PACs collect contributions from a large number of people and then make contributions from that pool to political campaigns.

Why is the Family Medicine PAC important?

Contributing to the Family Medicine PAC provides more than simply a monetary contribution – it will give family physicians an important opportunity have their voices heard. It provides a message that this group represents the best interests of family physicians and the patients they serve.

Because the Family Medicine PAC can make larger contributions to political campaigns than most family physicians will make on their own, candidates for political office are encouraged to reach out to groups that have a PAC and address their issues. This will allow family physicians greater access to lawmakers.

The Family Medicine PAC demonstrates the MAFP’s commitment to being competitive in the political process and provides credibility to family medicine’s business and practice management issues.

Why should you belong to the Family Medicine PAC?

Family Medicine PAC contributions go directly to support legislators who are informed and committed to family medicine’s business and practice management issues. As a result, family medicine interests are more likely to receive increased attention among the many competing interests and constant stream of proposals put forth for consideration. By belonging to the Family Medicine PAC, you have the opportunity to shape the future of health care issues that affect you, your practice and your patients.

Who can contribute to the Family Medicine PAC?

Only members of MAFP can contribute to the PAC. Membership is available to any Family Physician, resident, or medical student.

What issues are important to the Family Medicine PAC?

The issues important to the PAC are consistent with the MAFP policy priorities, as determined by the MAFP Advocacy Committee. Click here to learn more.

What expenditures can the Family Medicine PAC make?

The Family Medicine PAC can contribute to the following campaigns and political candidates in these specific amounts:

  • Governor/Lt. Governor/Other statewide officers – $7,150 per election cycle (statewide officers include: Justice of the State Supreme Court, Jude of the State Court of Appeals, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Board of Trustee members for the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University and the State Board of Education members)

  • State Senate and Districts with a population up to 85,001 - 250,000 – $2,100 per election cycle

  • State House and Districts with a population up to 85,000 – $1,050 per election cycle

For additional information, visit Michigan's Campaign Finance Information Center

Updated 6/16/2020

Additional Questions?

Please contact MAFP staff at 517.347.0098 or [email protected].