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Throughout the COVID-19 response, Michigan Academy of Family Physicians / Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan is hosting webinars to provide family physicians and other healthcare professionals with up-to-date information. Below is a list of upcoming and archived webinars—click on each title for call-in/log-in information, presentation slides and materials, and/or recordings.

These webinars may count toward continuing education courses or programs required by LARA for licensure. For MAFP / AAFP members, time spent on COVID-19 professional enrichment activities may be reported to AAFP as Elective credit via the professional enrichment category, commensurate with participation. READ MORE

UPCOMING Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19: Everything I Know as Family Physician is Changing & Evolving
June 4, 7-8 pm ET

Caring for patients with COVID-19 in the outpatient setting has created new challenges for family physicians. These challenges are heightened by the ever-evolving understanding of the virus and guidance regarding management strategies. During this free, one-hour webinar, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan President Robert Jackson, MD, MMM, FAAFP (Allen Park) will discuss the various COVID-19 tests and what they do / don’t tell you; the disease course from exposure through illness; possible complications; potential treatment options; and post-illness considerations—all through the lens of a family physician.

UPCOMING Enhancing Patient Care Through Telemedicine
June 18, 7-8 pm ET

The COVID-19 public health emergency has caused many family physicians to do more with telemedicine than ever before. Whether you are new to this care delivery model or expanding your menu of virtual services, are you tuned in to all that telemedicine offers you, your practice, and your patients? Gain insight and practical guidance from MAFP Vice President Srikar Reddy, MD, FAAFP during this free one-hour webinar. Dr. Reddy, who has been at the forefront of virtual care for more than four years, will demonstrate how to conduct a physical examination via telemedicine, share best practices, and answer members’ questions.

ON-DEMAND CMS' Second Round of Sweeping Changes: COVID-19 Billing & Coding Update for Family Physicicans
Originally aired May 7, 2020
On Apr. 30, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued an updated Interim Final Rule that expands Medicare coverage for telehealth services. These sweeping regulatory waivers and rule changes, in addition to changes previously issued by CMS on March 30, aim to expand care to the nation’s seniors and provide flexibility to the healthcare system as America reopens. Included are changes to Medicare payment for telephone-only evaluation and management visits, remote patient monitoring, supervision of diagnostic testing, primary care exception for residents, among others of which family physicians should be aware. During this on-demand webinar, you will learn to discern which codes are the correct payable codes for services your practice is providing, the documentation that is needed, and how to correctly bill for services to ensure a timely reimbursement.  

ON-DEMAND Care Management Codes - What Family Physicians Need to Know
Originally aired April 30, 2020
Primary care physicians have embraced providing many care management services with the goal of improving health outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare costs through avoiding unnecessary care. In 2019, care management guidelines and codes saw revisions and additions—are you aware of and comfortable with implementing these changes? Staying up to date with the rules, code descriptors, and codes is imperative to effectively coordinate patient care across the healthcare system, receive payment, and increase your revenue. This webinar imparts valuable, relevant information on how to keep your practice up to date, and your billings compliant and payable. 

On-DEMAND COVID-19's Impact on ABFM Certification Activities & Residency Training Requirements
Originally aired April 23, 2020
Learn the basic components of Family Medicine Certification and what is required to maintain certification over time. You will also learn about the certification process, which American Board of Family Medicine has updated and improved to increase value and relevance and decrease burden on participating family physicians. Finally, you will learn ways that family physicians can engage with ABFM to provide ongoing feedback about a variety of topics relevant to the discipline and to certification. ABFM will also provide an update on certification activities/deadlines and residency training requirement changes made to accommodate the needs brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

ON-DEMAND Getting Started in Telemedicine: Patient Workflow, Care Protocols & Clinical Quality
Originally aired April 16, 2020
MAFP Vice President Srikar Reddy, MD, FAAFP shares insights on how telemedicine is an essential skill in family physicians' response to COVID-19 and provides guidance on implementation, patient workflow, and care delivery within the virtual primary care model.

ON-DEMAND Paycheck Protection Program & Economic Injury Disaster Loans - What Family Physicians Need to Know
Originally aired April 9, 2020
Business experts from Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC; Fairchild Lebel & Rice, PC; and Mercantile Bank of Michigan discuss details of two provisions in the CARES Act for providing financial relief to small businesses (500 or fewer employees): the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loans Program.

ON-DEMAND Coding & Billing for Telehealth / Technology Services in this COVID-19 Environment
Originally aired April 3, 2020
Discusses the newly released ICD-10-CM code for COVID-19 effective April 1, 2020, along with sequencing issues and the most up-to-date information available on the coding and billing of telehealth / technology codes available to physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ON-DEMAND Physicians' Telehealth / Technology Services in this COVID-19 Environment
Originally aired April 2, 2020
Provides a thorough explanation of what is required from both a technical and documentation perspective for the three types of codes available to healthcare professionals as of April 1.

Other Sources of Virtual COVID-19 Related CME & Education

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Small Business Association of Michigan Webinar Series
HR issues for small businesses, CARES Act, Payment Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program