Get Involved in Your Academy

Whether you are a life member at the sunset of your career, a seasoned or newly practicing family physician, a medical resident, or a student at the beginning of your family medicine journey, Michigan Academy of Family Physicians, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan, and American Academy of Family Physicians offer many opportunities to get involved. Actively participating in your Academy can help you develop leadership skills, build and nurture relationships with colleagues, learn from and share ideas with others, and impact the practice of family medicine and policies of the Academy. If you have any questions about any of these opportunities for getting involved, please contact MAFP at 517.347.0098 or

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MAFP & FMFM Boards and Committees

Serving on a Board and/or committee provides an inside connection and offers an important role in shaping the activities, direction, and strategic work of MAFP and/or Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan. Committee applications are due April 1 for a two-year term of service beginning in August.

National Conference of Constituency Leaders 

Each year, the MAFP Board of Directors selects one delegate per special constituency (women, new physicians, minority physicians, international medical graduates, and LGBT physicians/physician allies) to represent Michigan at AAFP's National Conference of Constituency Leaders, held in the spring in Kansas City, MO. Applications from active physician members of MAFP are accepted until November 26.

National Resident & Student Congresses

Each year, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan selects two residents and two students to represent Michigan at the National Resident Congress and National Student Congress, respecitvely, which convene during the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students in July/August in Kansas City, MO. Selected delegates receive a post-event scholarship of up to $1,000. Applications from resident and student members are accepted until April 1.

MAFP / FMFM Events

MAFP and Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan offer a variety of professional development and continuing medical education events each year, such as Michigan Family Medicine Advocacy Day in February, Beyond Clinical & Curriculum: Family Medicine Resident Conference in May, Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo in the summer, Michigan Future of Family Medicine Conference in October, Knowledge-Self Assessment Study Groups on various topics and dates throughout the year, and more.

MAFP Mentorship Program

This NEW 10-month program—open to all member types—is designed to facilitate the one-on-one exchange of knowledge, guidance, and support between members with the goals of advancing members' leadership, professional development, practice management, scholarly activities, and work-life balance; facilitating relationship-building; and strengthening MAFP as a whole through fostering a sense of community. The application for the 2021 cohort will open in November 2020.

Student Externship

Each year, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan selects a student member of MAFP to participate in a four- to six-week family medicine summer externship tailored to his/her interests. This provides hands-on experience of what it's like to be a family physician. The selected intern and his/her mentor each receive a stipend at the end of the externship, funded by matching grants from Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan and AAFP Foundation. Applications from student members, working with their medical school, are accepted until April 1.

AAFP Degree of Fellow

The Degree of Fellow recognizes AAFP members who have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities, by their service to family medicine, advancement of healthcare to the American people, and professional development through medical education and research. MAFP hosts a Degree of Fellow convocation during the Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo in the summer.

AAFP Member Interest Groups

Member Interest Groups (MIGs) were created as a way to connect and support members with shared professional interests, from academic mentorship, to direct primary care, to climate change and environmental health, and so much more! MIGs also provide an opportunity for members to deliver a unified message to AAFP leadership, provide input on AAFP policies and positions, pursue professional leadership development with AAFP, and connect to existing AAFP resources. While most MIG conversations and networking take place via an online community forum, these groups also convene face-to-face at AAFP's Family Medicine Experience in September. 

Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute

This year-long AAFP Foundation program is designed to grow future leaders in family medicine. Family medicine residents entering their first year or second year and medical students entering their second, third, or fourth year when the program begins during National Conference in July /August are eligible to apply. The application period opens in mid-December and closes on March 1. If you are interested in serving as a mentor for the program, click here to learn more, and then contact AAFP Foundation.

AAFP Physician Leadership 

National leadership positions are open to AAFP active physician members, ranging from Board member, to commission member, to a delegate to the Congress of Delegates. The first step toward getting elected / appointed begins with contacting MAFP.

AAFP Student & Resident Leadership

AAFP highly values the contributions of family medicine residents and medical students and recognizes the importance of engaging and growing future leaders of medicine. It is one of the few specialty organizations that actively enlists resident and student members in national leadership roles.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are a great way to showcase research and work on a project, as well as network and connect with family medicine colleagues.