National Conference of Constituency Leaders                 APPLY by NOV. 26 »

Interested in serving as a special constituency delegate representing MAFP at the National Conference of Constituency Leaders held in April in Kansas City, MO? NCCL is the American Academy of Family Physicians' leadership and policy development event for:

  • New physicians
  • Women physicians
  • Minority physicians
  • International medical graduates
  • LGBT physicians/physician allies

MAFP is accepting applications from active physician members until November 26. 

Michigan delegates are selected by the MAFP Board of Directors from the applications received. The selected delegates—one per constituency—exchange information and share experiences with their colleagues from across the country, while developing leadership skills, helping to establish or update Academy policy, and electing national leaders. Chapter delegates are eligible to serve on and testify in reference committees, vote on resolutions in the business session, and vote in elections.

Delegates are reimbursed for eligible expenses according to the MAFP reimbursement policy and will be required to submit a report for reimbursement after attending the conference.

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