President, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan

The Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan (FMFM) President serves a one-year term that begins at the FMFM Annual Meeting.

The FMFM President:

  • Is an officer elected by the board
  • Is a current member of MAFP
  • Serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of all FMFM committees
  • Has authority over the general control and management of the business and affairs of FMFM
  • Signs all corporate documents and agreements on behalf of FMFM
  • Is responsible for ensuring all actions taken by the board are executed
  • Presides at all board meetings (coordinates agenda with the executive vice president)
  • Exercises personal leadership in the motivation of other officers, trustees, and committee chairs/members
  • Influences establishment of goals and objectives for the organization during his /her term in office
  • Acts as FMFM spokesperson and inspirational leader, and helps monitor and evaluabe FMFM's performance and effectiveness
  • Communicates to the board on FMFM's condition and operations
  • Working with the exeuctive vice president, ensures that policies and programs further the goals and objectives of FMFM
  • Appoints committee and task force chairs with approval of the board, and helps establish the purpose and duties of these groups and monitors progress
  • Participates in an orientation with committee chairs and vice chairs
  • Supports and defends policies and programs adopted by the Board
  • Promotes interest and active participation in FMFM on the part of the MAFP membership; reports activities of the FMFM Board to MAFP members
  • Presents an annual end-of-term report at the Annual Meeting
  • In cooperation with those with financial responsibilities, helps develop, recommend and ensure FMFM operates within an annual approved budget
  • Attends and carries out role responsibilities, as requested, at the annual Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo

2021-2022 President, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan Board of Trustees


Dr. Mary Marshall acknowledges that her path to becoming a family physician was unconventional. After a successful career as a registered nurse, she made the decision to go to medical school.

“The cardiologist specialists, who inspired me to pursue a career as a family physician, understood the value of primary care and never stopped teaching that.”

She graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1997. She describes her class as an amazing mix of young learners benefiting from the experience of the older students, and the older students learning a great deal from their enthusiastic younger colleagues.

After completing residency at Genesys Regional Medical Center in 2000, Dr. Marshall opened a private solo practice in Fenton, which she then moved to Grand Blanc in 2004. Soon thereafter, she joined MAFP seeking the camaraderie and support she experienced as a nurse and physician-in-training. Dr. Marshall said she found that, and much more, at Michigan Academy of Family Physicians.

“The people I have met here have enhanced my life and ignited a passion for volunteerism that I really wasn’t expecting. To all new and long-time members, I say get involved and you will feel the power we have when we are all moving in the same direction toward common goals.”

Among the overarching goals that Dr. Marshall feels are paramount are empowering family physicians to advocate for themselves and their patients—whether that be fine-tuning sustainable opioid prescribing laws that protect patients or reducing administrative burdens that pull family physicians from the people who need their care.

She contends that, for too long, family doctors have been the ‘silent nice guys’ at the table, and it is time to raise our voices and demand a seat at the head of the table.

“Our power lies in our education and experience in providing comprehensive care with evidence-based medicine more economically, efficiently, and effectively than anyone else, or any healthcare system.”

Throughout her healthcare career spanning 40 years, Dr. Marshall has been active outside her practice that still resides in Grand Blanc. She is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and an active member of American Medical Association, Michigan State Medical Society, Genesee County Medical Society, and AAFP/MAFP. Her newest endeaver is establishing Trinity Med PLLC, which is her consulting firm.

As a long-time Academy member, Dr. Marshall served as MAFP President in 2018-2019 and is the current president of Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan, a position she has held since 2019. She earned the AAFP Degree of Fellow in 2019.