Michigan Medical Student Externship

The intent of the Michigan Medical Student Externship Grant is to stimulate interest in selecting a career as a Michigan Family Physician and/or pursuing research opportunities in Family Medicine. The AAFP Foundation provides $1,250 in funding, which is then matched by Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan. The funding supports $2,000 for a medical student’s stipend and up to $500 for a mentor physician's participation as the externship host.

Interested medical schools who have identified a student and a mentor/preceptor should submit an application to Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan no later than April 1.

2018 Extern: Michelle Fedorowicz

2017 Extern: Adam McMillan

2016 Exern: Blake Arthurs

Please note: If the matching grand funds are not used in the award year they must be returned to the AAFP Foundation and Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan.