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The MAFP Mentorship Program is designed to facilitate the one-on-one exchange of knowledge, guidance, and support between members with the goals of:

  • Advancing members' leadership, professional development, practice management, scholarly activities, and work-life balance
  • Facilitating relationship-building
  • Strengthening MAFP as a whole through fostering a sense of community


MAFP’s mission is to support family physicians in Michigan through leadership, collaboration, and innovation to achieve the best patient outcomes, with the vision of ensuring all Michigan residents have access to quality, affordable healthcare within a family physician-led medical home.

Guiding MAFP’s work in achieving that mission and vision is its strategic plan built on the pillars of advocacy/public policy, practice management and support, organizational excellence, and community. It is this last pillar—community—under which the MAFP Mentorship Program operates.

The Academy has steadfastly provided member-wide opportunities for making connections, such as by hosting educational and networking events, engaging members in committees, and catalyzing online discussions through social media. Now, through the MAFP Mentorship Program, members have the opportunity to share expertise and offer guidance with one another in a more personal way. Each physician, resident, and student has a unique set of knowledge, skills, and talents, as well as support needs, which may be shared and met through one-on-one relationships and conversations.

Modules & Mentorship Pairings

The MAFP Mentorship Program consists of two modules:

  • Module One: Practicing family physician or life member of MAFP mentors a resident, medical student, or transitional member. Program space is limited to 10 pairings.
  • Module Two: One-to-one peer support between a new physician member of MAFP (in practice less than seven years) and a family physician member (in practice more than seven years) with varying skill sets, knowledge, and experiences. Program space is limited to 10 pairings.

Approach to Pairings

MAFP members wishing to participate in the MAFP Mentorship Program must complete an application, identifying areas of needed support from a mentor and/or knowledge and guidance they would like to share with a mentee. MAFP staff and leadership will then pair members with complementary needs and strengths.

Frequency & Modes of Pairing Interactions

Program participants are encouraged to communicate as their schedules allow, reflecting the extent, focus, and emergence of their individual needs. This may include, for example, scheduled monthly or bi-monthly calls supplemented by face-to-face and/or virtual meetings, ad hoc calls, and emails.

Support from MAFP

MAFP staff and leadership will hold an initial video conference for program participants to review the structure of the program, participation expectations, and approaches to mentoring and providing peer support. MAFP will also provide ongoing guidance and other resources to help ensure productive pair engagement. Mentors and mentees will not receive a stipend or reimbursement for participation.

Solicitation of Feedback

Twice during the 10-month cohort, MAFP staff will solicit feedback on how the program is supporting participants’ needs, areas for program improvement, and requests for additional assistance. At the end of the 10-month cohort, MAFP will conduct an overall evaluation to inform future cohorts.

Participant Expectations

To ensure members find value in this program, participants agree to:

  • Adhere to the communications schedule established by the mentor/mentee pair and/or provide timely notice when rescheduling is needed
  • Come prepared for each communication and follow through on agreed-upon action steps (e.g., sharing a resource, making an introduction)
  • Respond to calls/emails from the mentor/mentee in a timely manner
  • Respect the confidentiality of discussions and only disclose information discussed with the permission of the mentor/mentee
  • Actively participate throughout the 10-month cohort; if unable to do so, notify MAFP staff immediately


December 15, 2020: Application and CV due to MAFP

Week of December 21, 2020: MAFP notifies mentor/mentee pairings

January 1, 2021: Second cohort begins

January 12, 2021, 7-7:30 pm ET: MAFP hosts video conference to discuss program participation and expectations

August 6, 2021: MAFP Mentorship Roundtable at Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo 

October 31, 2021: Cohort concludes


Contact MAFP at 517.347.0098 or [email protected].