2018 Michigan Ballot Proposals

On Tuesday, November 6, voters in Michigan will have the opportunity to weigh in on three ballot initiatives. Proposal 1 aims to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Proposal 2 would create an independent redistricting commission for drawing legislative districts in Michigan. Proposal 3 seeks to increase voter turnout by reducing barriers to registering to vote and voting.

Proposal 18-1

This proposal would regulate the legal possession and recreational use of marijuana for individuals 21 years of age and older. It would also commercially regulate the production and distribution of marijuana with a 10% excise tax. Municipalities would be allowed to restrict or ban marijuana businesses by passing local regulations to opt-out. 

Proposal 18-2

Currently, Michigan’s legislative districts are drawn by the state legislature every 10 years in alignment with the census, giving the political party in control of the state government the power to draw districts in whatever manner they deem necessary. Proposal 2 would remove the responsibility of drawing legislative districts from the state legislature and create a separate redistricting commission. 

Proposal 18-3

This proposal would, among other things, implement automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no-reason absentee voting for all. Some provisions of this proposal would move current state law into the constitution, while other provisions would create new voting rights within the constitution.