Assess Immunization Status of All Patients at Every Visit

March 18, 2021—Accurate and timely documentation of COVID-19 vaccine is imperative. At this time, when there are so many new Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) users, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), thought it was important to share the infographic at the bottom of the page that promotes reporting accurate and verified immunization histories into MCIR. 

It is important to assess the immunization status of all patients at every visit. If a patient states that they received a COVID-19 vaccine, ask to see their COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card. If a COVID-19 vaccine dose and type can be verified for the date the vaccine was administered, then the dose can be entered into MCIR as a historical dose.

If documentation to verify receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine dose is not readily available, you will need to take additional steps to confirm receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine before you can enter the dose into MCIR. MDHHS does not recommend taking a verbal confirmation from the patient for a COVID-19 vaccine dose. It is important to have accurate information reported into MCIR, so verification is necessary.

Again, if you were not the COVID-19 vaccine immunizing clinician, then you should not enter the COVID-19 vaccine into MCIR as a historical dose without verification that the patient received a dose, the date the dose was administered, and the vaccine type that was administered.

Thank you for all your hard work to protect Michiganders from vaccine-preventable diseases.