Beaumont-Wayne Family Medicine Residency Celebrates 50 Years

Oct. 27, 2022 - Residents, graduates, current and former faculty and staff, and specialist colleagues and supporters of Beaumont-Wayne Family Medicine Residency gathered on Sept. 24 to celebrate the program’s 50 years of excellence in family medicine education.

Accredited in 1971 as Michigan’s fourth family medicine residency program and the first in the state’s southeast region, Beaumont-Wayne began shortly after family medicine was recognized as a specialty in 1969. It was the offspring of Oakwood Hospital's two-year general practitioner program, started in Dearborn in 1958. At that time, adequate space for the program wasn’t provided at the hospital, so residents worked out of a house trailer parked in a township park. The trailer featured three bedrooms used as exam rooms, a kitchen that housed the office and lab, and a living room as the waiting room. These details and other stories of our state's history of family medicine are captured in The Conscience of Medicine: A History a Family Practice in Michigan, co-authored by the late Roy Gerard, MD, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 97.

Since its beginnings, Beaumont-Wayne has graduated 403 family medicine residents who now practice across Michigan and the United States and groomed at least five program directors and seven MAFP past presidents.

Today, the program provides team-based training for 10 allopathic and osteopathic residents per class, in a 200-bed, full-service community teaching hospital, an outpatient center, and senior housing. It is affiliated with Wayne State University, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, and Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Its expert core clinical faculty, led by program director Karen Weaver, MD, numbers 14. Among them is Scott Yaekle, MD, who has been affiliated with the program for 33 of its 50 years. It was at Beaumont-Wayne that he completed family medicine residency in 1995 and where he has taught and practiced for his entire career.

In his remarks during the program's 50th celebration, Dr. Yaekle summarized the life of a family physician.

“We take care of patients from cradle to grave, [providing] full circle of care. What we do is a calling. It is not a job. I believe I was created to do what I do, blessed and given the strength and dedication and concern for each patient throughout their life. That is who we are, and who we should always be.”

Congratulations, Beaumont-Wayne Family Medicine Residency, at 50 years of excellence!