Bipartisan Healthcare Plan Package and Telehealth Bill Moving through State House

March 19, 2021—The MAFP advocacy team has been monitoring movement of a bipartisan healthcare plan in the Michigan House. This week, more bills included in the 15-bill package were front and center. The House Insurance Committee heard testimony on prescription pricing, ultimately passing House BIll 4354, which requires a health insurer to cap the costs of oral chemotherapy medication so it is the same as chemotherapy drugs that are injected or otherwise administered intravenously. Meanwhile, the House Health Policy Committee passed a bill (House Bill 4358) regulating formularies during a plan year and prohibiting gifts from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The House Health Policy Committee also passed House Bill 4355, which would allow for out-of-state physicians to provide telehealth services to Michigan residents. As written, this bill could harm continuity of care and increase healthcare costs. There is certainly a need to address border communities, but it must be done in a way that ensures primary care is not fragmented.

MAFP will continue to monitor these bills and work to address members’ concerns as they progress through the state legislative process.