Conference Committee Passes MDHHS Budget

As the Michigan legislature moves closer to finalizing the state's Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services $24.8 billion budget passed the joint House and Senate conference committee on June 7. The budget will now be combined with the rest of the Senate’s budget bills to be voted on by each chamber before going to Governor Snyder for final passage.

Line items that invest in the delivery of and access to healthcare include:

  • MiDocs Graduate Medical Education Consortium: $5 million General Fund, plus $5 million in private funding and any associated federal match for this initiative thatis intended to increase the availability of primary care residencies in underserved areas.
  • Direct Primary Care Pilot: Updated boilerplate language requiring MDHHS to continue implementation of the $5.75 million gross pilot and provide a quarterly report on the status of the implementation on 12 metrics.
  • Primary Care Loan Repayment Program: $5 million in one-time funding for a primary care loan repayment program to incentivize residents in six specified specialties, including Family Medicine, to practice for two years in a medically underserved community following completion of residency in return for $50,000 in loan repayment.
  • Early Primary Care Pilot Program: $500,000 in funding for this pilot and included boilerplate language that outlines participation criteria and requires a report by April 1 on the status of the pilot.
  • Emerging Public Health Threats: $4.5 million increase to support local health departments as they address emerging public health threats such as PFAS and drinking water contamination.