Governor Snyder Signs Legislation Exempting Family Physicians from Maintenance of Certification

Before finishing his term of office, Governor Snyder signed a two-bill package into law regarding maintenance of certification. House Bill 4134 (Public Act 486) prohibits specialty certification as a requirement for medical licensure in Michigan. House Bill 4135 (Public Act 487) prohibits insurers from withholding reimbursement based solely on specialty board certification. 

The original maintenance of certification bills, as introduced by Representative Ed Canfield, DO, applied to all physicians. An amendment introduced in the House Health Policy Committee and passed by the House of Representatives, followed by the Senate, narrowed the focus to Family Physicians, Internists, and Pediatricians—specialties where the shortage of physicians is most significant in Michigan.

“Michigan Academy of Family Physicians applauds the Michigan legislature for passing this important legislation, realizing that continuing medical education requirements for licensure equip physicians with new and updated procedures and clinical information. Pre-empting the arduous maintenance of certification process frees up a significant amount of time—time that can now be devoted to what physicians are trained to do—care for patients,” said MAFP President Mary Marshall, MD, RN.