House Health Policy Committee Debates Exempting Hospice from Opioid Bills; Universal Credentialing for Medicaid

On March 7, the Michigan House Health Policy Committee debated legislation that would exempt hospice from recently-passed laws—Public Acts 248 and 249—which require prescribers to register with the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) and obtain a report before prescribing a schedule 2-5 controlled substance. The laws also require a “bona fide prescriber-patient relationship” when a controlled substance is being prescribed. House Bill 5678, was introduced by Representative Bronna Kahle (R-Adrian). The committee heard testimony on the bill but a vote was not taken.

The committee also debated and approved legislation that would empower the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to establish a universal credentialing program for Medicaid providers. The intent behind the legislation introduced by Representative Edward Canfield, DO (R-Sebewaing) is to streamline the existing model whereby various processes exist for each separate health plan. This can equate to unnecessary administrative burdens on physicians and providers who see Medicaid patients. MAFP registered a supporting position for the bill. The bill was unanimously reported from committee and awaits further action on the House floor.