In Keeping with Academy Policy, MAFP Opposes Concealed Carry Bills in Gun-free Zones

During the week of November 6, the Michigan Senate Government Operations Committee considered and passed legislation that would allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in "gun-free zones." Supporters of Senate Bills 584-585 argue that, among other things, the bills close a loophole in current law which allows individuals to open carry in these zones. MAFP members approved policy in 2014, setting forth that the Academy opposes "legislation that would allow concealed weapons to be carried into self-designated ‘gun-free’ zones, including hospitals and healthcare facilities.” In accordance with that policy, MAFP opposed the bills in committee.

SB 584-585 passed out of the Senate this week, largely along party lines with all 11 Democrats and one Republican voting in opposition. They will now be sent to the House of Representatives, which passed its own legislation earlier this year that seeks to repeal the concealed carry permitting process altogether. How these differing approaches will be reconciled is unclear at this time.