Letter to the Membership from CEO Debra McGuire

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Michigan Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP), Executive Vice President of Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan (FMFM), and Treasurer of Family Medicine PAC (FMPAC) since March 2013.

It has been both an honor and privilege to work with youour valued members, including the MAFP Board, FMFM Board of Trustees, FMPAC Board, and numerous committees—and our dedicated staff on many projects and initiatives to further the value of primary care in Michigan. I have become a part of your family and have the utmost respect for what you do.

While it is difficult to say “goodbye” to many good friends and colleagues, please be advised that my last day at MAFP Headquarters will be Friday, January 18. I am relocating to Dallas to serve as the President & CEO of the American Fire Sprinkler Association, an international association focused on saving lives around the globe.

Since early December, your Executive Committee and Board partnered with a professional firm to conduct the search for your new CEO & EVP. In the interim, MAFP Director of Business Development & Operations Michael Macias will oversee MAFP Headquarters while working with the rest of the MAFP staff to carry out daily activities and goals until the new CEO & EVP is announced.

Thank you, once again, for the opportunity to serve you. I wish MAFP, FMFM, and Family Medicine PAC the very best going forward.




Debra McGuire, MBA, IOM, CAE

MAFP is seeking a forward-thinking individual with 7+ years of senior level management experience to build on the growth the Academy and its Foundation have experienced under Debra's tenure. Applications are being accepted until January 18. JOB DESCRIPTION