MAFP's MACRA Comments to CMS Reinforce AAFP’s Efforts

You likely heard about, or perhaps read (at least in part), the 107-page response from the American Academy of Family Physicians to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) proposed rule. To augment the AAFP’s efforts, MAFP also submitted comments to CMS touching on similar themes and questioning the broader implications for physicians in Michigan.

MAFP’s comments highlighted, among other things, the complexity of the rule and the challenges facing physicians, particularly solo and small practices, to digest and understand what these changes mean for their practices going forward. MAFP more pointedly raised concerns around attribution; whether CMS would institute an auditing process; and the additional administrative burden, particularly for smaller practices. Perhaps most importantly, MAFP raised concerns around MACRA’s likelihood to aggravate broader trends that have already emerged, such as physician consolidation and more physicians leaving or choosing not to enter private practice opting, instead, to enter employed settings.

Acknowledging that the intentions behind the MACRA legislation—to fix a broken physician payment system—are good, MAFP will continue to join AAFP in pressing for more answers and simplification to an otherwise convoluted rule that has only served thus far to create more uncertainty for physicians in an already uncertain world.