Maintenance of Certification Bills Pass Michigan House, Head to Senate Committee

On December 4, the Michigan House Health Policy Committee passed a package of bills introduced by Representative Ed Canfield, DO that would exempt Family Physicians from Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

House Bills 4134 and 4135 originally called for exempting all physicians from this process, but an amendment introduced in committee narrowed the focus to include only family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric physicians—specialties where the shortage of physicians is most significant in Michigan.

HB 4134 would prevent medical licensure in Michigan from being contingent upon MOC. HB 4135 would prohibit insurers from withholding payment to family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatric physicians based solely on specialty board certification.

Hours after receiving committee approval with just a single vote in opposition, HB 4134 and HB 4135 passed the full House by votes of 95-13 and 89-19, respectively. They now head to the Senate Health Policy Committee for consideration.

"Doctors find it [MOC] to be inconvenient, takes them away from their office. It costs a great deal of money. This isn't about continuing education because we all have to take 150 hours of continuing education for licensing. But to have to take these high-stakes tests, which have never been proven to show improved patient care, is what we're battling,” said Representative Canfield in a MIRS (Michigan's Independent Source of New & Information) article.

MAFP continues to support this legislative package.