Marijuana Legal in Michigan as of Dec. 6

On November 26, the State Board of Canvassers certified Michigan’s November 6 election results. This means that Proposal 1, which legalizes recreational marijuana use by adults 21 and older, becomes law on December 6.

To educate residents on the health implications of smoking marijuana, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is developing a webpage that is projected to be operational by December 6. Moving forward, much work will be needed to determine how legalization impacts public health.

As the legalization of marijuana goes into effect, there are implementation issues that the State of Michigan must address. Among those is public use of marijuana. While Proposal 1 prohibits smoking marijuana in public, Michigan’s current indoor smoking law does not protect against second-hand marijuana smoke.

The law also authorizes the sale of marijuana; however, it isn't likely to be commercially available for sale until the end of 2019, as the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has one year to promulgate governing rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are expected to follow a similar structure as those LARA put in place to regulate the sale of medical marijuana in Michigan.