Match Day 2020 Preliminary Analysis

March 20, 2020—Today was the day! At noon on March 20, more than 40,000 residency program applicants across the country learned where they will be training over the next 3-plus years. MAFP congratulates all who matched into family medicine and is excited to learn about the new residents coming to Michigan’s 38 programs.

This year marks the first “Single Match”—the first time all allopathic and osteopathic applicants participated in one residency matching program. The 2020 Match is also the largest in history, not only in terms of the number of applicants but also positions, which topped 37,250.

The National Residency Matching Program reports that family medicine residency programs across the country offered 4,662 positions, 555 more than in 2019. Of those, 92.5% (4,313) filled and 33% (1,543) filled with U.S. allopathic seniors—a decrease for the second consecutive year. However, a record number of U.S. osteopathic seniors matched to the specialty, accounting for 29.9% of all applicants who matched to family medicine.

After a more in-depth analysis of the Match is available, MAFP will feature a Michigan-specific article at