MIDOCS Funding on the Chopping Block in State Budget

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the state’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget on September 29—in time to prevent a government shutdown—vetoing an unprecedented number of 147 line items totaling $947 million in spending cuts. Working through the State Administrative Board, she transferred $625 million within 13 different departments, preventing the need for the Legislature to vote to approve the transfers. It has been 28 years since a Michigan Governor has used this strategy for funding priorities that the Legislature did not include in its final budget.

Governor Whitmer indicated that she will work with House and Senate leadership on a supplemental budget to address individual priorities that were defunded through the veto process. Negotiations were ongoing late into the week, but details on any agreements are still unknown.

MIDOCS Funding in Question

Nearly $234 million was cut from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) budget, second only to the Department of Transportation, whose funding was reduced by $375 million. Within the MDHHS budget, MIDOCS—a new loan repayment program, entering its second year, that places medical residents in primary care specialties in underserved areas of the state—was completely de-funded. Governor Whitmer initially proposed reducing MIDOCS funding from its FY 2019 level of $3.5 million to $1.3 million in FY 2020, due to a lower than anticipated inaugural cohort, while the legislative conference committee recommended increasing funding to $3.75 million. It is yet to be seen how MIDOCS will fare through the supplemental budget negotiations.

Click here for the complete list of FY 2020 budget cuts.

MAFP Legislative Liaison Matt Black is working with legislators and MDHHS leadership to determine the impact of these cuts on the Academy’s priority issues. If you have any questions, please contact Matt at mblack@mafp.com.