MIDOCS Funding Restored in Final State Budget Deal

December 11, 2019 — Last week’s tentative fiscal year 2019-2020 state budget agreement between legislative leaders and Governor Gretchen Whitmer was finalized this week. Included in the supplemental appropriations bill approved overwhelmingly by the Legislature on December 10 is the reappropriation of $573.5 million in funding that was line-item vetoed by the Governor in late September.

Of particular importance to MAFP and family physicians is restored funding for:

  • Critical access hospitals - $34.2 million ($5 million general fund) 
  • Rural hospitals - $16.6 million ($13.9 million general fund) 
  • MIDOCS - $17.5 million ($3.8 general fund) 

This final budget deal comes more than two months after the October 1 start of the fiscal year.

To prevent a similar delay in finalizing the state budget in future years, the following steps have been put into place through passage of subsequent legislation:

  • The Legislature must present the budget to the Governor by July 1
  • Should the Governor wish to make budget transfers through the State Administrative Board, she/he must notify the Legislature six session days or 30 calendar days in advance
  • The Legislature has the authority to overturn State Administrative Board transfers for only the 2019-2020 fiscal year

Governor Whitmer has indicated that she will sign the bill and not challenge any of its provisions.