MiPLUS: Michigan’s New Professional Licensing User System for Health & Occupational Professionals

The Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is modernizing its licensing platform and processes to make it easier for health and occupational professionals in Michigan to obtain, renew, and modify licenses online.

As part of a three-phase roll-out, in 2017, phase one introduced a new platform, MiPLUS (Michigan Professional User Licensing System), that was implemented for use by nearly 160,000 nurses. In May 2019, phase two launched MiPLUS for 12 other professions—an estimated 100,000 additional professionals, including family physicians.

What This Means for FPs

Effective May 6, family physicians are required to register with MiPLUS to either apply for a new license or renew their current license.

Although license renewal will remain on a 3-year cycle, a physician’s licensure anniversary date will revert to the date of the original license issuance. Therefore, the aggregate renewal dates of January 31 and December 31 for MDs and DOs, respectively, will no longer exist.

Some physicians may have already received a new educational limited or controlled substance license in the mail reflecting a change in license numbers. The benefits of the new system will include being able to:

  • Apply online and track every step of the application in real-time
  • Upload documents and edit information electronically
  • Self-report convictions and disciplinary actions from other states
  • Receive an electronic copy of your license to print
  • Delegate another individual to pay fees and/or upload documents

MiPLUS is also designed to improve consumer protections by providing access to verify the status of a licensee and making the complaint process more transparent with enhanced abilities to submit and track. LARA BPL will communicate details with each individual licensee.

To learn more about and register with MiPLUS, visit michigan.gov/miplus.

For assistance, contact LARA at BPLhelp@Michigan.gov or 517.241.0199.

Reprinted from Michigan Family Physician, Spring 2019, copyright Michigan Academy of Family Physicians