New Research Shows the Opioid Crisis May be Far from Over

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New research published in JAMA Network Open shows that the opioid crisis is far from over in the U.S., as reported by AAFP. In fact, based on a mathematical model researchers developed from data garnered from several sources, there is evidence that the crisis may get worse before it gets better. What’s needed to turn the tide, concluded the researchers, is a multi-pronged strategy.

This approach is echoed by Jodi Switalski, JD—former judge, now lawyer, national speaker, and consultant—who presented the seminar, Legalities & Realities: Michigan Opioid Prescribing Laws to Live By, hosted by Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan at five locations across the state in 2018.

If you missed this dynamic seminar that, according to attendees, presents information that every Family Physician needs to know, you have the opportunity to hear Jodi speak at the 2019 Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo. On August 1, she is presenting the pre-conference session, America’s Controlled Substance Epidemic: The Duty to Inform, Monitor & Document … Real Solutions for Your Practice!

With a background in treatment and medicine, Jodi artfully presents the reality of the opioid epidemic, its impact on all demographics, and the paradigm shift of liability focused on the medical profession. She will astonish you with evidence-based, multi-disciplinary facts and emotional, anecdotal experiences from the field, as well as empower you with simple solutions to protect your patients, your practice, and your community from this epidemic and wave of litigation.

As an added bonus, Jodi is presenting the follow-up session, Risky Business for the Opioid Prescriber: Tools for Success & the "How To", on August 2. During this session you will learn the protocols you need to have in place to effectively mitigate liability as it relates to prescribing opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and gabinoids. You will also learn how to incorporate best practices to not only mitigate liability but also survive a DEA or administrative audit—and Jodi will share tools that effectively inform patients of the risk of addiction, create treatment systems for your practice, and meet and exceed current regulatory and legislative mandates.

In addition, Fred Van Alstine, MD, MBA, Associate Medical Director of Hospice & Palliative Care at Munson Home Health in Traverse City, is presenting two pain and symptom management sessions. One focuses on using opioids to confidently and safely manage end-of-life pain, particulary during the last 72 hours, for terminally ill patientse. The second provides a pragmatic approach for managing end-of-life ethical dilemmas and, through effective communication, aligning the family's and patient's goals with what is medically possible. 

Registration for the 2019 Michigan Family Medicine Conference & Expo will open at in March.