Opioid Bills Clear Another Hurdle in Michigan House

This week, the Michigan House Health Policy Committee considered and approved—by a nearly unanimous vote—a package of opioid bills, including Senate Bills 166/167 and SB 274. Under SB 166/167, prescribers would be required to query MAPS when prescribing controlled substances to patients with exceptions for inpatient settings and veterinarians. The package of bills also sets forth sanctions for prescribers who are in violation of the requirement. Senate Bill 274 would restrict the prescribing of an opioid for acute pain to a 7-day supply within a 7-day period.

While recognizing the responsibility the state, medical community and others bear to take action to address the crisis, MAFP and other physician groups have expressed concerns about these bills due to the risk they may pose to patient access to medication. Amendatory changes were offered that would seek to address concerns without dampening the bills’ intended purposes. Despite the physician community’s outspoken concerns, the bills have advanced and will next be considered by the full House chamber at a date to be determined.

SPEAK OUT! Tell your state representative that, as written, these bills go too far and could have a detrimental effect on patient access to legitimate pain medication and create an unnecessary administrative burden on prescribers.