Professional Development Committee Weighs in on CME Eligibility of Functional Medicine Topics

The AAFP Credit System, steered by the Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COPCD), recently issued a call for comment on the eligibility of functional medicine topics for continuing medical education (CME) credit. In 2014, and then again in 2016, the COPCD reviewed functional medicine and identified a lack of existing evidence to support its practice. As a result, a moratorium on all functional medicine topics eligible for CME credit is in place until February 2018.

In response to the AAFP Credit System’s call for comment, Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan’s Professional Development Committee, chaired by Leanne Swiderski, MD (St. Clair Shores), submitted the following feedback:

“As with all newly developed information and evolving practices and techniques, due to the significant implications related to our patients’ health and well-being, vigorous scrutiny is demanded. Because there remains much unknown about functional medicine, our committee would like to keep an open mind but also proceed with caution. Therefore, we support continuation of the moratorium and encourage a wider body of evidence-based knowledge to transform, at which point our committee may reevaluate this proposed concept.”