Spacers for Your Asthma Patients

Easier Than Ever to Access and Prescribe

It may seem like prescribing a spacer or valved-holding chamber is more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s actually easier than ever!

All Michigan Medicaid managed care plans allow beneficiaries up to four spacers each year at the pharmacy, so it’s simple for patients to pick one up along with their inhaler.

Many spacer brands are now on the common formulary, so prescribing is also easy. It is best to include “spacer for inhaler” on the prescription to make it easy for a pharmacy to dispense what they have in stock. If your patients have trouble getting a spacer at the pharmacy, recommend that they call their health plan. Download and print this spacer infographic to share with your patients who have asthma.

When patients are fighting for air, they need all of the medication to reach their lungs—using a spacer with an inhaler helps ensure this happens. It is especially important that all rescue inhalers (with the exception of the ProAir® Respiclick) are used with a spacer, and that patients know if they should use their spacer with their long-term controller, as well. Checking their inhaler and spacer techniques at each visit will give you the opportunity to see how they are using their devices and offer suggestions to improve their self-management.

If you have any questions, please contact Tisa Vorce, MA, RRT of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Asthma Program at or 517.335.9463.