University of Michigan Physician Named Michigan Family Medicine Educator of the Year

August 8, 2020Christine Medaugh, MD, a family physician and educator at the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine, was recognized with the 2020 Michigan Family Medicine Educator of the Year Award on August 8 during Michigan Academy of Family Physicians’ ‘Academy’ awards celebration held virtually due to COVID-19.

Michigan Academy of Family Physicians—the largest medical specialty organization in the state—presents this distinguished award to academic physicians in recognition of outstanding contributions to family medicine undergraduate, graduate, and/or continuing education in Michigan.

Dr. Medaugh teaches in multiple settings through the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine, to multiple levels of learners—from medical students, to residents and fellows, to practicing physicians and patients.

“Dr. Medaugh is the prototype of what we want to be teaching our students about how to be a family medicine educator,” said Elizabeth Jones, MD, assistant professor at the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine. She describes Dr. Medaugh’s teaching style as one that puts learners at ease while still expecting high standards.

With a passion for obstetrics, Dr. Medaugh works as a preceptor on the faculty inpatient family medicine obstetrics service at University of Michigan Family Medicine Residency, taking care of triage and laboring patients in addition to providing newborn care. In this role, she directly supervises and teaches resident physicians.

Resident physicians who have trained under Dr. Medaugh have praised her passion for teaching while still respecting their autonomy, for challenging them to think critically, and for maintaining approachability and a supportive environment.

Said Dr. Kelly Hill, director of the MidMichigan Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program in Midland, where Dr. Medaugh completed her residency training in 2015, “It is amazing that she has continued to provide [obstetrics] care for her patients, support her colleagues both in family medicine and in OBGYN, and role model to all residents that these two specialties can work together to provide obstetrical care to broad patient populations. We are so proud of her!”

Dr. Medaugh also serves as medical director at the large, rapidly growing, multispecialty Livonia Health Center. In this role, she exemplifies how to be a leader in family medicine while maintaining a busy clinical practice that includes full spectrum outpatient care, prenatal care, and procedures, all while regularly having a medical student with her, and while maintaining her commitment to her family.

Said one of her University of Michigan clerkship students, “She is kind, compassionate, and intelligent. She made me feel included and, when she was giving me feedback, she did so in a way that was respectful and professional. I admired how she interacted with patients, and I loved working with her every single time. She has undoubtedly made me a better doctor.”

Dr. Medaugh also practices at the Luke Clinic, a source of free care for pregnant women and their children in Detroit, and she has served on Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan’s Student and Resident Education Committee since she was a resident, completing her term as chair in July.

“I am not really sure why students like working with me. I bring snacks so that probably helps. I do my best to just be honest with them. We talk about what is most important so they can pass their tests and what is most important to make them a better doctor. We talk about what the evidence says we should do, what the patient wants us to do, and how we balance the two. Sometimes I challenge students to enter an exam room and find out something non-medical about a patient—to help them see the value of that connection. I love teaching students and residents. It is amazing to hear their questions and I appreciate their wealth of current knowledge, both of which help me to grow,” said Dr. Medaugh.