Westland Physician Receives Family Physician of the Year Award from MAFP


Scott Yaekle, MD (Canton) was recognized with the 2016 Michigan Family Physician of the Year award on July 12 during the Michigan Family Medicine Annual Conference & Expo in Bay City.

The Michigan Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP)—the largest medical specialty organization in the state—presents this award each year to a family physician in Michigan who exemplifies the tradition of the family doctor and the contributions of the specialty of Family Medicine to the continuing health of the state’s residents.

Dr. Yaekle is associate director and the director of student affairs at Oakwood Annapolis Family Medicine Residency in Wayne. He also practices Family Medicine in Westland, involving Family Medicine residents and medical students in all aspects of his practice.

It has been said of Dr. Yaekle that his kindness, profound interest in students and residents, and dedication to his patients and to the specialty of Family Medicine is remarkable.

“Dr. Yaekle is an excellent example of compassionate, comprehensive, proficient clinical care for his patients, treating them like he would a member of his own family,” said Joshua Eby, a medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine. “He also purposefully includes medical students in the process of clinical care, and I hope to incorporate many of the things I have learned from him into the everyday care I provide my patients.”

Dr. Yaekle is a 1992 graduate of the Wayne State University School of Medicine, and he completed his residency at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. He graduated from Northville High School in 1984, and earned a degree in molecular biology at the University of Michigan in 1988.

“It was truly humbling and a tremendous privilege to be recognized by colleagues and physicians who have completely dedicated their lives to caring for families throughout the spectrum of life,” said Dr. Yaekle of receiving MAFP’s 2016 Michigan Family Physician of the Year award.