Past Michigan Resident Delegates & Alternate Delegates

2021: Faizan Memon, MD, Central Michigan University Family Medicine Residency; Mikita Patel, MD, McLaren Oakland Family Medicine Residency

2020: Linda Stanek, MD (Beaumont-Grosse Pointe Family Medicine Residency); Himanshi "Hima" Chopra, MD (McLaren Oakland Family Medicine Residency

2019: Julie Thai, MD, MPH (McLaren-Flint Family Medicine Residency); Linda Stanek, MD (Beaumont Grosse-Point Family Medicine Residency)

2018: Kayla Stefanko, DO (Munson Family Medicine Residency); Christopher LeJeunesse, MD (Beaumont-Wayne Family Medicine Residency)

2017: Julie Blaszczak, MD (University of Michigan Family Medicine Residency); Diahann Marshall, MD (Henry Ford Hospital Family Medicine Residency)

2016: Elizabeth Pionk, DO (McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency); Michael Collins, MD (Genesys Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Residency)

2015: David Henderson, MD, Mercy Health Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency; Elizabeth Pionk, DO (McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency)

2014: Kyle Raycraft, MD (Central Michigan University Family Medicine Residency); Natalie Roberts, MD (Ascension St. John Hospital Family Medicine Residency)

2013: Jonathon Wolocko (Ascension St. John Family Medicine Residency)


Michigan Resident Delegates to National Congress

Each year, the Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan Board of Trustees appoints a resident delegate and resident alternate delegate to represent Michigan at American Academy of Family Physicians' National Congress of Family Medicine Residents.

Applications/nominations are due by April 1.

Michigan Resident Delegate, 2022 National Congress of Family Medicine Residents


University of Michigan Family Medicine Residency
Ann Arbor
Class of 2023

Why did you want to serve in this position?

Advocacy is a crucial part of our roles as family physicians. I applied to serve as the Michigan Delegate to the National Resident Congress because it is essential for us to advocate for our patients at the local, state, and federal level. Focusing on policy change is to promote the health and wellness of our patients, leading to lasting impact in communities around us. Physicians have a duty to be activity engaged in policy and professional sectors to go beyond what we can do within our clinics. This opportunity aligns greatly with my passion for serving my community not only in the clinic, but advocating for their needs beyond.   

What leadership experience do you bring to this position?

I have prepared for a career where I can represent the State of Michigan as a strong advocate for patients, communities, and primary care physicians. While in medical school, I completed a medical policy and leadership program which exposed me to several aspects of advocacy within medicine. Additionally, I participated in resolution writing and review courses through our chapter of the American Medical Association.

My passion for advocacy on a larger level led me to the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, where I completed a master's in public health to enhance my educational experience. Here, I received formal training in policy writing, community organizing and grassroots advocacy, public speaking, health intervention design and evaluation. My education focused on interventions and policies at the local, state, and national levels, and my experiences resulted in earning a certificate in Public Health Leadership. Currently, I sit on the MAFP Advocacy Committee, which has familiarized me with the most pressing issues facing family medicine physicians. I plan to apply these experiences as the Delegate representing my home state of Michigan, where I can help provide equitable healthcare for all Michiganders. 

What are you most looking forward to in serving as Michigan's national Resident Delegate?

Representing Michigan on a national platform is an incredible opportunity. I am most looking forward to meeting and collaborating with other residents from across the country to advance mutual goals for family medicine. Advocacy is an essential part of our role as family physicians, and it is an honor to get to work with family medicine physicians across the country to improve care for our patients and communities, while taking critical steps to advancing the practice of family medicine.  

What are your future plans?

As a incoming 3rd year resident, I am looking towards my next steps. I envision a career where I can continue to marry my passions in medicine and public health. I will be looking for a career where I can participate in excellent, full-spectrum family medicine, while also continuing to stay involved in public health, particularly through research and policy, to address inequities within my community.  

What are your special interests?

My special interests in medicine include women’s health and obstetrics care, outpatient procedures with a focus on women’s health procedures, family medicine leadership and development, and addressing socioeconomic health disparities through policy, local program design and evaluation, and community leadership.  

How can residents connect with you?

I can be reached at [email protected].

Michigan Resident Alternate Delegate, 2022 National Congress of Family Medicine Residents


Henry Ford Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Class of 2024

Why did you want to serve in this position?

I attended AAFP's National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students last year while it was virtual and I absolutely loved it! I co-authored a resolution that was referred to commission and It was thrilling to see that process take place. I am so excited to be a part of the conversation of pushing the boundary of family medicine and representing Michigan family medicine residents!

What leadership experience do you bring to this position?

I’ve served in leadership roles in many student-run organizations and student government during undergraduate, graduate, and medical school. Most recently I was the 2021 AAFP student member on the Commission for Quality and Practice and I currently sit on the MAFP’s Member Engagement Committee.

What are you most looking forward to in serving as Michigan's national Resident Delegate?

Meeting physicians from across the country and exploring the ways in which family physicians rise to meet the unique needs in the areas that they serve. Connecting with other like-minded, young career professionals who are ambitious in supporting ourselves, our patients, and our specialty.

What are your future plans?
Continuing to practice holistic, patient-centered community medicine in Detroit. I love teaching and it’s a dream to help cultivate the next generation of trainees through undergradute and graduate medical education.

What are your special interests?

Integrative medicine, functional medicine, LGBTQ+ health, primary care for the underserved.

How can residents connect with you?

I'm always available by email! [email protected]