Resident Member on the MAFP Board of Directors

Each year at the MAFP Annual Meeting of the membership, a family medicine resident member is elected to serve a one-year term on the MAFP Board of Directors.

Applications/nominations are due by March 1.

Resident Member, 2021-2022 MAFP Board of Directors


McLaren Oakland Family Medicine Residency, Class of 2022

Why did you want to serve in this position?
I believe strongly in community involvement. In order to make small changes I need to be in places my voice can be heard, so I can promote the agenda of my fellow family medicine residents and attendings in Michigan and beyond. I wish to be politically involved today and in the future, so I can help carve a better future for myself and my fellow physicians with the goal of better patient care. I was looking for an avenue where I can be of assistance, and can further my ambitions of being involved in advocacy for Family medicine.

What experience do you bring to the position?
I served as junior chief of my residency program when I was a PGY-2. I currently serve as my program’s 2021-2022 chief resident. I served as Michigan resident alternate delegate to the AAFP's National Congress of Family Medicine Residents in 2020. I was named a 2021 AAFP Excellence in Graduate Medical Education Award winner. I am a member of theFamily Medicine Foundation of Michigan Resident & Student Education Committee. I have started various initiatives including a COVID-19 vaccine initiative to promote compliance at the local level in my community and a Biostatistics curriculum at my program. I am in the process of forming an ultrasound curriculum.

What are your plans for the future?
My goals post-residency are crystal clear: to help and educate the community as well as future physicians. I will join a private practice, where I have the autonomy to implement educational projects for the community as well as medical students and residents.

At the residency clinic, I implemented various quality improvement projects and I wish to continue doing the same throughout my career. Once such quality improvement initiative was to educate patients regarding opiate use and abuse, beyond what is required by law. This epidemic is one of the most urgent concerns in medicine and one that I believe all physicians need to take on as their personal responsibility. I will apply to the real world what I learned and started in residency. My 5-year goal is to be in a faculty position within a residency program, while continuing to practice medicine. I would like to precept medical students, which would allow me to continue educating myself through the art of teaching medicine.

How can residents connect with you to share concerns or ideas for new resident-focused programs/initiatives that you can take to the MAFP Board of Directgors?
My family medicine resident colleagues can email me at [email protected].

Past Resident Members on the MAFP Board of Directors

2020-2021: Linda Stanek, MD (Beaumont-Grosse Pointe Family Medicine Residency)

2019-2020: Julie Thai, MD, MPH (McLaren Flint Family Medicine Residency)

2018-2019: Olivia Bolen, MD (Central Michigan University Family Medicine Residency)

2017-2018: Sadeer Peter, MD (Pontiac General Hospital Family Medicine Residency)

2016-2017: Elizabeth Pionk, DO (McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency)

2015-2016: Elizabeth Pionk, DO (McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency)

2014-2015: Elizabeth Pionk, DO (McLaren Bay Family Medicine Residency) and Kyle Raycraft, MD (Central Michigan University Family Medicine Residency)