CommunicationStay Informed

Getting the information you need (when and how you want it) about state and national happenings impacting the practice of family medicine, advocacy and government affairs, opportunities for earning CME credits, leadership positions, member news, networking events, career advancement, and resources are benefits of MAFP membership. We communicate need-to-know information via our Michigan Family Physician Update e-newsletter, Michigan Family Physician magazine, and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Make Connections

Networking—the process of making connections and building relationships—is a key benefit of MAFP membership. It can provide you with advice, contacts, mentors, support, and career advancement insight. Plus, since AAFP and MAFP membership is unified, making connections locally and nationally is made easy. The Academy offers virtual and in-person networking opportunities through events, webinars, and member interest groups.

Get Involved

From volunteer leadership positions and advocacy speak-out opportunities, to CME presentations and resolution (proposal for change) submissions, there are many ways for members of every membership type to get involved in MAFP to make a difference for your profession, practice, and patients. Explore the Physician, Resident, and Student sections to find your perfect fit.