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What is Family Medicine

Family medicine is a medical specialty that requires completion of a 3-year residency following medical school. Family physicians may then choose to complete additional fellowships and certifications in concentrations like sports medicine, women’s health, emergency medicine, and more.

Unlike other specialists, family physicians are trained to care for the whole person. They are qualified to provide comprehensive primary and preventive care and treat most ailments for people of all ages—from beginning to end of life. Thus, family medicine is the foundation of healthcare in the United States.

What Family Physicians Do

83% have hospital privileges
82% routinely perform in-office procedures 
82% provide chronic care management
80% care for adolescents
77% practice geriatric medicine
74% care for infants and children
55% work in urgent care settings
48% treat patients in a hospital setting
39% practice sports medicine
36% provide inpatient hospital care
31% deliver emergency care
31% provide hospice/palliative care
25% practice occupational medicine
18% provide obstetrics care

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians