Bradford WoelkeBradford Woelke, MD

Dr. Bradford Woelke was elected to the FMFM Board of Trustees in 2020, when he was a resident at Wayne State University Family Medicine Residency. He served as a resident member of the Board until 2021, at which time he was elected to serve a two-year term as a trustee. He said serves on the FMFM Board to be an active participant in the policy making decisions that affect family physicians and their practices and patients.
“We have room to continually improve and better serve our patients. By participating on the FMFM Board of Trustees, I hope to help facilitate this vision and to continue furthering additional education opportunities for residents and medical students.”
Dr. Woelke earned his medical degree at Wayne State University School of Medicine in 2018 and completed residency at WSU's family medicine residency program at Ascension Providence in Rochester. He is a current fellow of sports medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Up to three fellows are accepted to the program each year, where they train with some of the industry's leading experts in athletic medicine. When Dr. Woelke graduates, he plans to provide comprehensive primary care for athletes and non-athletes alike.