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Thursday, April 27, 2023 03:03 PM

Michigan Delegation Gearing Up to Represent Member Constituencies at AAFP’s National Leadership Development Conference

Five family physicians will represent Michigan Academy of Family Physicians at American Academy of Family Physicians’ 2023 National Conference of Constituency Leaders, May 9-11, in Kansas City, MO. Based on their unique experience and expertise, the five physicians will introduce, discuss, and vote on resolutions (proposals for change) through the lens of their constituency.

IMG Delegate: Sahoko Little, MD, PhD (Ann Arbor)

"I am an international medical graduate from Japan. As the director of the Japanese Family Health Program at the University of Michigan, I serve the Japanese patient community and it is very satisfying. I believe that IMGs can help promote the health of ethnic minorities in their communities, and I would like to learn how to be a leader in a larger community." 

LGBTQIA+ Physician/Physician Ally Delegate: Tina Tanner, MD, FAAFP (Muskegon)

"I am honored and excited to attend NCCL as Michigan’s LGBTQIA+ delegate. As a mother to a daughter who identifies as bisexual, I am passionate that healthcare address the needs of our LGBTQIA+ population and provide support for our LGBTQIA+ physicians." 

Minority Delegate: Frank Animikwam, MD (Petoskey)

"As a Native American of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, I have grown up with unique experiences in both urban and Tribal communities. I look forward to serving as a Delegate to bring representation of Native Americans as well as learn leadership skills to bring back to my Tribe Health Department." 

New Physician Delegate: Aisha Harris, MD (Flint)

"I am interested in being a Delegate because I think it is important to participate in forums and discussions that impact upstream medicine and the public health crises that exist. Additionally, I believe that health policy plays an important role in how I practice medicine and I would like to help speak and act on my experiences, concerns, and ideas for the future of family medicine." 

Woman Physician Delegate: Hannah Rosenfield, MD (Kalamazoo)

"I am deeply motivated to help make positive change for my patients. As a recent graduate from fellowship and residency, I am eager to become more involved in advocacy and policy change at the state and national level for my patients and my community. I believe that advocacy takes many forms, and participation at the National Conference of Constituency Leaders is a key part of that."

Michigan Delegates—one per constituency—are appointed annually by the MAFP Executive Committee. They exchange information and share experiences with their colleagues from across the country while developing leadership skills, helping to establish or update Academy policy, and electing national leaders. Delegates may also claim enrichment CME credits for attending conference breakout sessions on an hour-for-hour basis.

The application to serve as a 2024 NCCL Delegate on behalf of MAFP is open through Nov. 26; click here.