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Wednesday, September 27, 2023 03:57 PM

Connecting Students with Family Medicine at the 10th Annual Future of Family Medicine Conference & Residency Connection Fair

Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan hosted its 10th annual Michigan Future of Family Medicine Conference on Sept. 16, providing timely networking for 2024 match applicants and programs. Highlights included a residency fair, hands-on clinical workshops, and round-robin style small group discussions on 13 focus areas within family medicine.

“The MAFP Future of Family Medicine Conference was a great way to interface with students outside of the traditional residency fair context. You get lots of time to interact with them and teach them about the breadth and depth of Family Medicine,” said Nicholas Schenk, MD, program director, ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital Family Medicine Residency.

ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital Family Medicine Residency was one of 19 residency programs from Michigan that participated in the Residency Connection portion of the conference, ranked by students as the top reason they attended the conference.

MAFP is grateful to the more than 30 volunteers who assisted with clinical workshops (casting and splinting, suturing, and women’s health procedures) and small group discussions. Below are some highlights of the event according to volunteers: 

  • “Networking with and meeting students interested in family medicine.”
  • “A great opportunity to provide medical students helping hands during clinical workshops.”
  • “Connecting with students about their research interests and answering student questions about how to conduct research in family medicine.”
  • “Meeting a student who will likely match at our program.”
  • “Exposure to medical students that want to stay in Michigan.”
Students also shared their highlights from the event:
  • “Interacting with residency programs during clinical workshops.”
  • “Having the chance to meet with the program directors.”
  • “Pigskin surgical suture and cast making.”
  • “Learning about the different types of family medicine specialties during our speed dating round.”
  • “Learning more about gender-affirming care.”
  • “I loved getting to interact in round-robin formats with the table leads, who were so kind, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic!”
  • “The 2023 MAFP Future of Family Medicine Conference was my first conference, and I couldn't be more grateful that I learned about it in time to attend. I was a bit nervous, but everyone was kind, enthusiastic, and approachable. The table leads were welcoming and open in their discussions, and the topic lineup was so diverse. I also enjoyed the clinical workshops and getting to know some of the other attendees. The residency expo was a wonderful way to learn more about programs, and the more intimate setting made these professional interactions feel more conversational and less intimidating. I feel so much more prepared for future conferences and am already looking forward to returning for the next one as an MS4! Thanks, MAFP!”

MAFP would like to extend a special thank you to:

  • Southeastern Michigan Academy of Family Physicians for sponsoring the conference
  • Milk Means More for sponsoring the lanyards
  • Residency program and exhibitor representatives
  • Clinical workshop volunteers and small group discussion leads
  • FMFM Student & Resident Education Committee

Stay tuned to for the 2024 Michigan Future of Family Medicine Conference & Residency Connection date and location!